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An evening with the Rain

"My home lies on a hill. If you climb up the roof, you can see clearly for miles. Its a beautiful view, day or night. There's a little ledge I love to sit on here. My neighborhood is home to many species of birds. Nowadays they are quite used to me and some are brave enough to share my ledge. Now I told you that the view is beautiful day or night, but it is best in the rain. The rain makes everything 'look alive'.
I visited my grandparents a few days ago, and while I was there it rained. I was reminded of my ledge at home and thought fondly of the kingfisher who often shares it with me and the little green bird with the beautiful voice that greets me in the mornings. I wrote this tale in the rain, missing my ledge."
The rain is beautiful. I've always thought so, and still do. When the very first drops fall, whatever I was doing is left forlornly on the table as I rush upstairs. I leap up the stairs and slam the door upon, heaving myself onto the roof. Then I cl…

Memories of a friend

"Hello, all blog readers!! My apologies for disappearing for quite a while.. No, I have not forsaken this blog and i will be putting up posts, but my regularity is not something I can promise... 
However, I do have something new for you to read, and as usual, I hope you'll like it. Here goes!!"

I got my first secret when I was two years old. It came in the form of a friend, the kind that can walk through walls and do impossible feats. He just appeared beside me one day as I cycled down the lane, hair flying and wild, and for some reason, I believed him to be my friend. He was christened as Mike, a name I got from a children's book, and two year old me became best friends with him. He was never perfect, though most such imaginations lead that way, my imagination was stronger. To me he was real, as real as the Earth and the sky, and thus he had a  'real' personality. There were fights and skirmishes, but we always bundled through. He would come whenever I wished …