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The Storm, a new kind of poem

"This is something new that I tried out. It is a poem in the form of 8 Haikus. I've always been fascinated by this Japanese form of poetry. But when I tried writing about the storm, three lines did not do it justice. This led me to write a series of haikus, and I'm quite proud of the end result... So here it is!"
1. Calm winds in the sky
    Whispered warnings to ignore
    Silence everywhere
2. Hot sweat on your brow
    A small tingling of the skin
    Hell opens its doors
3. Lightning in the sky
    The water and land collide
     In one's eyes, despair
4. Cries in the distance
     The faces of your loved ones
      Nothing man can do
5. Promises of safety
    Prayers in the black darkness
    Hope flutters it's wings
6. All is calm again
    Destruction is everywhere
    Nothing is the same
7. Desperate, searching
    Cries of relief, of despair
    Many hopes extinguished
8. A new day, new chance
    Hope finds it's way back to us
    The wound slowly heals